Frequently Asked Questions

Are the marching band uniforms available in all cities?

The short answer is yes! The marching band uniforms, while stored at our headquarters in New Jersey and are shipped to the city where the request is. There is no cost for shipping when hiring Patriot Brass New York. The client is only responsible for the cost of round trip shipping. You can use the standard red polo and khaki pants at no extra cost.

What size ensemble does the patriot brass provide?
 For most events 6 musicians is ideal. We offer a team of 3 for short ceremonies on a very small budget. We also offer full brass ensembles and marching bands of 22+ musicians for large events.
What uniforms are avaialble

See our uniforms page to preview available uniform styles.

What's the difference between Premiere and Fleet ensembles?


  • Unit sizes can be as big as 75 musicians
  • As little as 24 hours notice needed for a request 
  • Marching band uniforms are no extra charge


  • Unit size limited to 12 musicians or less 
  • Minimum 7-14 days notice before request
  • Extra charge for marching band uniforms

Note: These are just guidelines, exceptions are made to rules depending on local demographics.

Where does the patriot brass perform?

The Patriot Brass Ensemble likely has a unit close to your next event!